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$10 $1340
Months to Repay:
1M 14M
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Per Month


 Loans Up to $1340.00

Applying online, in- person or by phone is quick and easy.

Low Flexible Monthly Payments

Pick the payment that fits your budget and enjoy the ease of making your payments by phone, mail, PayPal or Come to your nearest Location. (Maps)

We accept most credit cards, debit cards, checks, money orders, cashier’s checks and of course Cash Money!

$25.00 Referral Fees*

Refer a Friend or family to apply with Adkins United Finance and if approved we will pay you $25.00. Your friend must give your name at the time that they apply and if they are approved we will call you. We will hold a check for you to pick up, mail the check to you or you can request the check to be applied to your next payment even. There is no limit to the money you can earn. Start sending your friends and family to Adkins United Finance for the cash they need. Remember, we are always here with great customer service and the cash you need.

NO Credit?

That’s okay. We have credit starter programs to help build good credit. We have experienced team members in all our locations ready to help you start building good credit today. We can help guide you in decisions that will impact your credit and help educate you on how to build and maintain good credit. Sometimes no credit is more difficult to over come than bad credit.

Bad Credit?

That’s okay too. Adkins United Finance has been helping customers get the cash they need since 1985. During that time we have had the pleasure of playing a part in many individuals and families’ lives. Through the years we have seen many people have their “UPS and DOWNS”. We all can be financially affected by many many aspects throughout this life. Something as simole as the flu or the car breaking down or even more costly as a death in the family, loss of job or a health problem can cause us to loose wages and fall behind on bills.  One thing is for certain and that is change in going to happen and we are here to help you through. If you stumble we are there to help you get back on your feet. So if you have bad credit come talk to one of our experienced team members to help you start building your credit again.