How do I Apply?

In-Person at one of our 3 locations.
Over the phone with one of our friendly staff members, find the numbers on the contact page.
Online, click on Apply, and one of our friendly staff members in our closest branch to you will call quickly*.

*Applications, in most cases, are processed within 30 minutes. This is subject to many factors and can be different for each applicant.

Once I am Approved, What Will I Need?

State issued valid ID
Social security card
Proof of income
Proof of residency

No Credit?

That’s okay. We will see how we can help you get the credit you need.

Bad Credit?

That’s okay too. Adkins United Finance has been helping customers get the cash they need since 1985. If you have bad credit come talk to one of our experienced team members to help you get started building your credit with AUF.

What Kinds of Loans Does AUF do?

Regulated Installment Loans , found in the Texas Finance Code under Chapter 342 Subchapter F, or better known as small loans or signature loans. At AUF we offer small loans up to $1,480.00 with flexible payment options. AUF does ask for household personal items or a clear car titles, as a collateral on a loan.

About AUF

AUF is an installment loan company that reports monthly credit data to the credit bureaus.

AUF is NOT a Payday Loan Company.

AUF is a locally owned company  by Mike Adkins.

AUF is licensed thru the State of Texas Office of the Consumer Credit Commissioner.

AUF uses TransUnion LLC. to evaluate credit worthiness and to confirm information in an application before they grant firm offers for credit.

AUF Reports all credit payment history to Equifax and TransUnion.

AUF does not base credit worthiness solely on your credit “score”. Matter of fact we do not even receive an actual score.

AUF has the right to refuse a loan to anyone.

Adkins United Finance Co.,LLC. (AUF) is a licensed lender in the State of Texas and regulated by the Office of the Consumer Credit Commisioner (OCCC).  AUF is also a member of the Texas Consumer Finance Association. AUF  abides by laws of The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which is the nation’s consumer protection agency, who enforces the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA), that prohibits credit discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, age or because you get public assistance. Creditor may ask you for most of this information in certain situations, but they may not use it when deciding whether to give you credit or when setting the terms of your credit. Not everyone who applies for credit gets it or gets the same terms: Factors like income, expenses, debts, and credit history are among the considerations lenders use to determine your creditworthiness.